Edgeamps Technology

The Laser-Biased Transistor

The "NL" series of amplifiers utilize EDGE proprietary Laser Optical Bias Circuitry. This new circuit incorporates a 630 nm wavelength laser in each channel operating directly on the silicon substrate of the bias transistors. The laser bias circuit in turn is part of a servo feedback network. As the signal rises, the output of the laser increases, and as the signal decreases the laser output falls. This keeps the bias at the optimum operating point allowing a 10 fold increase in gain.

The additional gain is achieved while maintaining signal integrity (linearity) - at light speed - a first for solid state amplification.

The "NL" series also features oversize binding posts and up to 16* low leakage snap lock 10,000 F caps per channel. Also the new low leakage / low field medical grade transformers are housed in magnetic stainless steel enclosures for non induction and low noise performance. Chassis construction on these amplifiers is 1/2" thick 6061 aluminum, held together with marine grade stainless steel machine screws. Heat sinks machined from solid 6061 bar stock keep transistors cool without fans. The output stages utilize up to 32* N channel bipolar transistors for extremely low output impedance.