NL REFERENCE - Amplifier

Bias Circuit:
One 630 nm Bias Laser
per channel
Output Circuit:
64 NPN Bipolar Transistors,
32 per channel
Power Supply Filtration:
320,000 F: 16 x 10,000 F
per channel
RMS Power Output:
400 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms
800 Watts per channel @ 4 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion:
Transient Intermodulation Distortion:
Slew Rate:
120 Volts per
1Hz-150KHz ,
+ 0 -2.5dB
Input Impedance:
30,000 Ohms
Input Type:
Output Impedance:
0.015 Ohms
Constant Current Capability:
83.32 Amps, 41.67
per independent channel
19.0" Deep x 15.0"
Wide x 9.0" High
230 (115 Pounds each)


The NL Signature One.1 monoblocks are the ultimate amplifier in the line of NL amplifiers. While retaining the overall character of the smaller NL amplifiers - the speed, smoothness and micro-dynamics - the NL is just so much better in all respects: the added power allows notes, at all frequencies, to explode within the force and passion that the music is demanding. There is much more authority in each note, you can just hear when the musician wanted to start the note, the emotion they wanted in the note, and exactly when they wanted the note to end. Essentially, it cleans up the many layered window between musician and listener. The NL series amplifiers all use the same sized chassis and only differ in their outward aesthetic design and, of course, their internal electronics. The heatsinks on NL Signature One are wavy in form, unlike its siblings. All NL series amplifiers run only slightly warm to the touch and contain no sharp edges, which makes them user, family, placement, and summertime friendly. "The EDGE NL Signature One.1 is the quintessential expression of technology serving music. Using EDGE proprietary Laser Biased Control circuitry this amplifier redefines "linear". Massively constructed and well endowed throughout, it becomes "invisible" in all situations. Use this one for your most demanding audio reproduction requirements."


The NL Signature Ones are excellent for systems that either: need or want a lot of power, are too bright, the listener would like to use tubes but cannot or does not want to deal with tube's negative environmental issues (heat, maintenance, foot-print), or those systems that do not have enough PRaT (pacing, rhythm and timing).


Dual Chassis Monoblock design with four 1500 VA Toroidal transformers (two per chassis) Each transformer operates at 96% efficiency. Regulation equals 4% Laser Source Front Panel Illumination (one per chassis)
A clear (see-through) polycarbon top is available that can be ordered in addition to the solid (thick) metal top. This top fits all NL amplifiers and the Signature One preamplifier.
Class 1 rated - The Absolute Sound, Issue 138, October/November 2002