NL REFERENCE - Amplifier

Bias Circuit:
One 630 nm Bias Laser
per channel
Output Circuit:
48 NPN Bipolar Transistors,
24 per channel
Power Supply Filtration:
280,000 F: 14 x 10,000 F
per channel (uses capacitors
superior to that used in
the NL Signature One)
RMS Power Output:
800 Watts per channel @ 8 Ohms
1600 Watts per channel @ 4 Ohms
3200 Watts per channel @ 2 Ohms
Total Harmonic Distortion:
Transient Intermodulation Distortion:
Slew Rate:
120 Volts per
1Hz-150KHz ,
+ 0 -2.5dB
Input Impedance:
30,000 Ohms
Input Type:
Output Impedance:
0.013 Ohms
Constant Current Capability:
>100 Amps, >>50 per
independent channel
33" x 18" x 18" (HxWxD),
5" x 5" WxD at top
440 (220 lbs each)
[Shipping weight: 580 lbs crated]


The NL Reference monoblocks are Edge Electronics' statement amplifiers. These 800 watt, 220 lb. monoblocks are very high voltage, very high current output amplifiers. The Edge Reference monoblocks continue the Edge Electronics' tradition of building extremely efficient amplifier designs. And one has to keep in mind that these are Edge Electronics watts, which are cleaner, faster, smoother and more detailed than any other solid-state amplifier being made today. Up until now, one had to use very large, 600 to 700 watt tube amplifiers to product the kind of forceful and overwhelming, yet pure and uncompressed crescendos that are required by many types of music. Unfortunately, large tube amps have problems in that they generate large amounts of heat and use large numbers of tubes that require maintenance after some amount of time. Most solid-state amplifiers are usually harsh and unpleasant to the ear, especially after extended periods of listening, and even more so when listening at loud volumes. As anyone knows who has heard any of the Edge Electronics amplifiers, they have licked this problem using their laser-biased transistors. Finally, those that want this level of performance but did not want to sacrifice the conveniences of solid-state amplification, now have the option to achieve their dreams with the NL Reference.


The NL Reference monoblocks are excellent for systems that want over the top performance on a level that only a few people in the world have experienced. These monoblocks take the performance of the NL Signature Ones and extend it to the farthest reaches of what humans have so far imagined.


Dual Chassis Monoblock design Four 2000 VA Toroidal transformers (two per chassis) Each transformer operates at 96% efficiency. Regulation equals 4% Laser Source Front Panel Illumination (one per chassis). True balanced circuit. Dual toroid transformer-quad filar wound high nickel content core w/electrostatic shield power supply. Potted transformers in magnetic stainless steel can. Dual bridge rectification. Laser biased, all "n" channel bipolar output stage.
Finish: powder-coated or anodized aluminum. LED color: red, green, or blue.