Amplifiers and Cable Products

Why are some astute listeners convinced that Edge amplifiers are the best solid-state amplifier in the world today?

Perhaps it is the speed - where notes just appear when they are supposed to appear- rise and fall naturally and exactly as they should in response to the music - and then die away, without inappropriate lingering. Listening to most, if not all other amplifiers, the listener may feel that the notes are being dragged through molasses. Or perhaps the listener feels that they ordered each note from a restaurant across town, the restaurant was late with the delivery, had burnt the note in the bargain, and the note, unfinished, had a lingering smell the next morning.

Perhaps it is the smoothness of the notes rendered by the amplifiers. They are grown organically, as opposed to carved out of stone in some kind of misbegotten caricature of the note right out of Dante's Inferno - as so many solid-state amplifiers have done in the past.

Perhaps it is the dynamic capability - the ability to render the inner dynamics which produces notes that sound so entertaining, so real, just like when they were made by the musicians themselves - that the listener is emotionally moved, and often completely overwhelmed by their favorite music.

Or perhaps it is the ability to sound like the finest tubed amplifiers - speed, smoothness, inner detail but without the 2nd harmonic distortion, the heat (the Edge amplifiers run cool), the maintenance and placement issues and all the issues associated with most tubed designs at the extremes of the frequency spectrum.

What we have here is the realization of the promise of solid-state amplifiers; conceived in the 1960s, and after 40 long years of suffering, we finally have a maintenance free, family friendly, general purpose amplifier that surpasses all but perhaps the most ingenious, special-purpose tubed-amplifier designs.

Solid-state amplification can finally sound as good or better than the technology it is (supposed to have) replaced!

All we know is that these amplifiers just simply have the ability to present seamless, top to bottom, inside out, delicious music without doing anything seriously wrong - unlike every other solid-state amplifier in existence.